The Maiden Voyage


July 17, 2002 – After finally getting the last tune-ups finished to the engine, we took the Mystery Machine from my farm to Wheaton to fill with gas. Five minutes after stopping at the gas station, a car full of girls pulled in to get their picture taken. Since then, hundreds of people ranging from kids to good-looking girls, to middle-aged Scooby Doo fans have pulled us over to get a picture and ask, “Where’s Scooby?”

Bachelor Party


July 27, 2002 – For my friend Ryan’s bachelor party, we traveled from Wheaton 100+ miles north to Nimrod, MN. There, we camped out next to the river. And between tubing down the river we enjoyed playing cards in the Mystery Machine.

On the way home, we realized the gas gauge reads 1/4 tank off, but luckily after it ran out of gas and died, we coasted the last half miles into the Foxhome Hwy 210 gas station!

WE Fest


August 1-4, 2002- We packed up the Mystery Machine and traveled to Detroit Lakes, MN, for the WE Fest country music festival. Of course, the majority of the WE Fest fun happens in the campgrounds, where the Mystery Machine was a huge hit. Interestingly, there was one other MM in our campground to compete with, but our bright paint job and friendly smiles made us the fan favorite, hands-down.



August 16-18, 2002 – Over my birthday weekend, at the event known as “Loufest,” friends and family gathered to celebrate my 21st year. Of course, the Mystery Machine was the highlight of the party, with 8-12 people packed inside at all times, playing cards and sharing good times.

Spring Break


March 17-19, 2003 – Heading north for spring break? Sounds crazy, but we did it. Our massive road trip in the Astro Mystery machine began in Wheaton, MN, and extended north across the boarder all the way to Winnipeg, Manitoba. Although Canadians had mixed feelings towards Americans as this weekend marked the beginning of the Iraq war, they could not help but smile as the MM rolled through town.