The idea for the Mystery Machines came in summer of 2002, when my dad told me he had an old Chevy Stepvan that runs and would be fun to paint. I thought, what else is there to paint than the Scooby Doo van? Os, on July 4th, my dad, four friends and I set to work sanding and taping off the big van. We got the first coat of green painted that day. Over the next two weeks, I finished the painting as well as furnishing the interior.


In Dec. 2002, I got a good deal on two cargo vans. So I decided to paint them into Mystery Machines as well. When the time came to start paying college bills, I offered the vans for sale — to offer you the experience and thrill of driving the Scooby Doo van. Now, the only van left for sale is the original Stepvan.